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Natural Medicine For Natural Healing

A little about us.

We are the San Gabriel Valley's premiere Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic specializing in facial rejuvenation and Chinese medicine dermatology.  

Our holistic individualized approach allows us to custom tailor treatment plans to meet each patients specific needs. 

With traditional methods now backed by modern research we are here to support all of your health and skincare needs.    

Facial Rejuvenation 

We specialize in natural holistic solutions to help restore your skin to a healthy youthful condition.

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Chinese Medicine Dermatology

Chinese medicine can address a multitude of skin condition with all natural effective herbal medicine. 

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Autoimmune & Inflammatory Disease 

 With a goal of treating the root cause of disease and not medicating and chasing symptoms, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can provide considerable relief. 

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Wellness & Health Maintenance

Regular acupuncture treatments can help to destress and harmonize the nervous system preventing illness, improving sleep and aiding digestion.  

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Meet Dr. Justin Garcia


Justin Garcia is a California board licensed acupuncturist and holds national certification through NCCAOM. Dr. Garcia received his Doctorate in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine from Alhambra Medical University here in Southern California.

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