Chinese Medicine Dermatology

Skin conditions can have many underlying causes. Many conditions are auto-immune responses triggered by stress, traumatic life events, diet and lifestyle. Viral infections and bacterial infections are also common causes to many skin diseases. Even fungal infections can cause damage and discomfort to the skin.

When it comes to treatment allopathic medicine is rather limited in their approach and the use of strong pharmaceuticals can have negative affects on the body. Prolonged use of steroids not only thins out the skin and makes the skin more brittle but once the use of steroids is discontinued the condition will almost always rebound and return worse than before. Steroids along with immunosuppressant drugs weaken the body's immune system leaving you more vulnerable to infections. The use of antibiotics is now known to damage the healthy gut flora wreaking havoc on the digestive system. Also patients find that many fungal treatments do not provide much result.

Benefits of natural treatment

Chinese medicine approach to treating skin disease aims to regulate and harmonize the whole system.  We do not view the skin as a separate entity but rather one part of a greater whole.  Quite often when there is imbalance and disharmony inside the body it shows its face on the skin surface.  Therefor taking a holistic approach aims to target the root cause of the illness and address it from the inside out.  When we take this approach we are able to not only address your skin concerns but help regulate poor digestion and bowel movements, address any stress and insomnia as well as any other symptoms that may be presenting.  The natural herbs do not suppress immune function but rather support and supplement it.


Skin Conditions We Treat With Chinese Medicine 



3 Stages of treatment 

  1. The first stages of Chinese herbal medicine works internally together with topical application to extinguish the inflammation from the tissues and drain out toxic fluids.
  2. The following stage is to repair and nourish the skin.
  3. The final stage is to supplement and fortify your body to build resilience and prevent relapse.

Autoimmune & Inflamitory Disease

Living with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions can be painful, uncomfortable and debilitating. Oftentimes conventional methods of treatment do not offer the lasting relief you need

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Wellness & Health Maintenance 

Regular acupuncture treatments can help reduce stress, support the immune system and improve sleep.

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