Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

Autoimmune and Inflammatory disorders can be rather complex in nature and require a holistic approach for treatment and for recovery. Diet, lifestyle, stress and anxiety are all factors that need to be looked at and addressed at the start of treatment.

The initial stages of treatment work towards directly reducing inflammation and clearing out accumulation thus working towards providing relief from symptoms. Once the disease has started to taper we begin to rebuild and repair. In severe cases the prolonged inflammation has caused considerable trauma to the tissue. A careful selection of herbs will be prescribed to nourish and repair the damaged tissue. Finally we supplement and tonify your whole system, boosting your natural immunity thus promoting a long and lasting recovery.

Pharmaceuticals come with a slew of side effects. Chinese medicine’s natural herbal approach to treatment has virtually no side effects. Chinese medicine will not suppress or weaken your immune system but rather strengthen it. As we work towards healing your gut, joints or areas of concerns, your overall health will also begin to improve. Your appetite and digestion will begin to show signs of improvement. Most patients report having improved quality of sleep and more energy throughout the day. Patients tend to be considerably less stressed as well as improved mood and outlook on life.

Chinese Medicine Dermatology

Chronic and acute skin conditions can be extremely uncomfortable to live with and they can have detrimental effects on self-esteem.

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Wellness & Health Maintenance 

Regular acupuncture treatments can help reduce stress, support the immune system and improve sleep.

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