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Patient after psoriasis treatment

A case of psoriasis

acne autoimmune disease chinese medicine dermatitis dermatology eczema herbal medicine psoriasis skin disease Oct 11, 2023

Psoriasis, a chronic skin condition characterized by red, scaly patches, presents a relentless and often invisible struggle for those affected. Beyond the physical discomfort and itchiness, the emotional and psychological toll is profound. People with psoriasis often wrestle with self-esteem issues, social isolation, and the burden of concealing their condition, while the unpredictable flare-ups and the search for effective treatments create an ongoing battle that demands resilience, patience, and strength.


My patient came to me with a rather sever case of psoriasis that covered most of his scalp with patches on his back, legs and belly button.  His situation was rather intense.  After 10 months of treatment his skin is clear of lesions.  Not only does his skin look and feel great but he is happy and positive and no longer suffers with depression and not wanting to leave the house.

Chinese medicine treatment takes some time, but it is because the herbs are working at a cellular level to help address the issue at its core and not just topically addressing the final stage of the inflammation. 

Chinese medicine can help anyone struggling with eczema, psoriasis, acne or other inflammatory skin disease.


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