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Hormonal Ance

acne chinese medicine dermatology hormonal acne skin disease Nov 02, 2023

Treating hormonal acne with Chinese herbal medicine is an alternative approach that aims to address the underlying imbalances in the body that lead to hormonal acne. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views acne as a reflection of internal disharmony and seeks to restore balance to the body. 

When treating hormonal acne we have 5 main points that are critical to a successful treatment:

  1. Diagnosis: We start by diagnosing the individual's overall health and the specific imbalances contributing to their acne. They consider factors like the person's constitution, pulse, tongue, and the pattern of acne breakouts.  Not all acne is presented the same way.  It is important to get a clear picture of how YOUR acne is presenting so we can treat it accordingly

  2. Custom Herbal Formulas: Based on your diagnosis, we will create a personalized herbal formula using a combination of natural herbal botanicals. These formulas are designed to address the unique imbalances in each individual, such as excess heat or dampness in the body.

  3. Acupuncture: In addition to herbal medicine, acupuncture may be used to balance the body's energy and stimulate specific points that can help regulate hormone production and reduce inflammation.  In most cases acupuncture will be pivotal in reducing any stress response that the body may be under.  

  4. Diet and Lifestyle:  Dietary changes and lifestyle modifications as part of acne treatment are essential. This can include recommendations to avoid certain foods that may exacerbate acne and to incorporate foods that help clear heat and dampness from the body.

  5. Stress Management: The impact of stress on hormonal imbalances will play a HUGE factor. Stress reduction techniques, such as meditation and Qi Gong, may be recommended to support overall well-being.  On our website under ONLINE CLASSES you can find a guided relaxation video that would be a great start.  GUIDED RELAXATION

    Patience: Treating hormonal acne with Chinese herbal medicine is a holistic and gradual process. It may take several weeks or months to see noticeable improvements. Patience and consistency with treatment are key.

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